How to Cancel Windows 10 Reservation

How to Cancel Windows 10 ReservationIf you are like me you got all excited about getting Windows 10 for free. Now you want to know how to cancel Windows 10 reservation. As news has come across my desk and my time available to learn a whole new system I have reconsidered the upgrade, at least for now.

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Organic Social Media Advertising is not Dead!

Organic Social Media Advertising

Organic social media advertising is not dead… it’s just a little harder to do. Organic social media advertising is the free version of online advertising. It has received a lot of bad press lately but you can’t believe everything you read. Especially when the writers have inside connections to Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in. Two years ago I warned that the big 3 would begin to muscle the common business owner and self-marketers into paying for visibility. See article here Social Media 2013 Prediction- Big Three Continue to Muscle the User. In this article I explain the “what & why” behind this move.

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Get Google Mobile Ready Today

Google Mobile Ready

Google announces BIG changes “Starting April 21″ we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal” Is your site Mobile READY ?? ‪#‎Call‬ us for help! before its TOO Late!


The Google Mobile Ready Experts! 

7 Simple Blog SEO tips

 7 Simple blog seo tipsMost bloggers have no idea what goes into Google’s Search Engine rankings. Here is a short explanation of the 7 Simple Blog SEO tips that anyone can understand. If you are a beginning to blog this is a must read for you.  If you have a self-hosted WordPress site you can just download the Plug In WordPress SEO by Yoast and it will guide you through the steps below plus some more. Here Derek Rogers breaks down the 7 key steps to Blog SEO.

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A Small Business End of Year Drive

Small Business end of yearThere are many factors that go into a small business end of year drive. There is nothing better we can do for the upcoming year than finish well this year. Most small businesses find that the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas can really bring in a great profit and sometimes turn a bad year into a good year. This is especially true if your business is involved in day to day retail of goods and services to consumers.

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