Search Engine Optimization Explained

SEO Search Engine Optimization What is it? and How does it Work. A simple easy to understand explanation of SEO.

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Search Engine Optimization Explained

Value of Good Website Presentation

good website presentationAfter A Bit Of Research… I learned some things about the value of good website presentation. Honestly people its not hard to see through all the fake and fluff out there.

It’s too easy to be critical of another’s work. I find myself falling into this trap occasionally, but catch myself often enough to mostly avoid saying things I can’t take back. That being said, I’m about to be critical of someone else’s work – but I am going to omit names, thus eliminating a direction in which to point my finger. So, let’s be about it. Continue reading

Measuring Social Media ROI 12 New Factors

Measuring Social Media ROI Video

Small Business needs to understand the value of Social Media & how it can influence the bottom line. 12 new factors that most CEO’s & Owners are overlooking when deciding how to resource their marketing projects & campaigns.

Jose L. Bosque, CEO

Viral Cast Media LLC


Successful Social Media Posts

Successful Social Media Posts Video 

Successful Social Media Posts – Some simple How To’s to improve your efforts in all your social media networks – 7 tips for you in this short 2 minute video