Search Engine Optimization Explained

SEO Search Engine Optimization What is it? and How does it Work. A simple easy to understand explanation of SEO.

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Search Engine Optimization Explained


Measuring Social Media ROI 12 New Factors

Measuring Social Media ROI Video

Small Business needs to understand the value of Social Media & how it can influence the bottom line. 12 new factors that most CEO’s & Owners are overlooking when deciding how to resource their marketing projects & campaigns.

Jose L. Bosque, CEO

Viral Cast Media LLC


Successful Social Media Posts

Successful Social Media Posts Video 

Successful Social Media Posts – Some simple How To’s to improve your efforts in all your social media networks – 7 tips for you in this short 2 minute video


Small Business Marketing on a Budget 2014

Small Business Marketing on a BudgetSometimes I wonder when I read all these savvy marketing tips online, if these writers actually take into consideration the current state of affairs of small business in this economy. Continue reading